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Shri Singha Monastic University at Dzogchen Monastery, in South India

Shri Singha monastic university in South India is once again encouraging that learning and realization for which its name is well renowned. Students undergo a thorough path of graduated study in meditation sciences and Buddhist philosophy, complemented by history, grammar, poetry and contemporary studies of English, math and science.

The building combines accommodation for up to 40 students with a teaching hall, library and protectors shrine room (Gön Khang). Here, the protector's lama (Gön La) does practice every morning and evening especially for the shedra. In the hall, the khenpo transmits the unbroken verbal lineage of Tibetan Buddhist scripture. Shri Singha Shedra always emphasized equal importance on both study and practice and so the shedra monks join the dratsang for daily practice, Tsok and other special gatherings.

The new shedra is still relatively young and is now up to the standard of fourth year out of a nine year study program. Traditionally, students would complete nine years followed by three years of retreat, after which they could qualify as a khenpo, or professor of Buddhist philosophy.

Dzogchen Dratsang

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